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Baby Registry

All your favorite children’s brands can be found locally right here at Madeline Woods Boutique.  Big city styles with a small-town charm located right in the heart of beautiful Granbury, Texas. Madeline Woods Boutique offers clothing, accessories and toys for children of all ages. We pride ourselves on stocking the latest, most unique and innovative designs. Whether you are shopping for a boy or a girl (or both!) we have a large selection of exciting and adorable items to add to your baby registry!

Program Perks

Not only do you get to shop the sweetest and coolest children’s items, but you get rewarded for it too! We appreciate your supporting a local business for all of your new baby necessities, so we want to give you some special bonuses along the way. On registry sign up day you will go home with a small giftbag of special goodies for baby. After your selected shower date has passed, we will send you a completion coupon to help you purchase the remaining items on your list that hadn’t made it into your nursery just yet. Plus, after baby’s arrival, you will also receive a gift card valued at 5% of all purchases made from your registry at Madeline Woods Boutique. For all those last-minute things that you may need to grab after your bundle of joy makes their appearance.


How Does It Work?

You will schedule a registry sign up date with us, at least one to two weeks in advance, please. The day of your registry appointment we will have you fill out your basic information with baby’s due date, the shower date and a shipping address for online purchases. You will take a stroll through the store and make your selections, making note of any specific amount, color, or sizes needed.  After you are completed, we will email you a list of all the items you had chosen within 24 hours. We will give you a password protected registry page on our website for any out of town shoppers who would rather shop online and ship the item to you. Your page on our website will be available within 36-72 hours of your registry appointment, as we will have to upload listings for each of the items you had chosen.

The only people who can access your registry page will be the ones you have given our password to.


** If you are expecting multiples, we will offer a coupon code for all  your guests to save 10% off their total**

To schedule a registry appointment with us, please contact Madeline at or by phone at 815-212-2534